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Where to find your Accounts Office Reference Number

What is an Accounts Office Reference Number?

The employer's Accounts Office Reference number is a unique, 13 character code through which the HMRC connects your PAYE payments to your company's PAYE account and is needed when you make PAYE payments to HMRC.

All Accounts Office Reference numbers have the same strict format in common, which is as follows: three digit number of your tax office, two alphabetic character, and eight numeric characters.

For Example:123PA12345678

You should keep this number safe and easily accessible to you. If you call HMRC to discuss anything in relation to your PAYE, they tend to ask for this number as a security check.

Where can I find my Accounts Office Reference Number?

You'll be able to find your Accounts Office Reference number will be shown on the letter you received from HMRC when you first registered an an employer. It is also on a vast majority of the correspondence received from HMRC.

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