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What are the most common cities to build a business in the US?

Cities include: 

  1. Laredo, Texas is known for its close proximity to the US-Mexican border with a bilingual predominating and businesses mostly focused in trade, transportation, utilities, education, and health care. 

  2. Port St. Lucie in Florida is known as a good place for startups due to its low cost of living and great opportunities to connect among industries. 

  3. Raleigh, North Carolina has become a hub for tech startups in the Research Triangle Park. 

  4. Austin, Texas is known for industries such as education, technology, data science, and health care. Even though houses are more on the expensive side, the city has no personal or corporate tax, and a low state and local tax rate. 

  5. Durham, North Carolina: strong jobs are led by startups in clean tech, pharmaceuticals, and advanced medical care. The city is known for its economic strength, tax credits for job creation, and the quality of life, among many other beneficial factors. 

  6. Salt Lake City: known as Silicon Gropes, this city offers tech entrepreneurs and other small business owners low taxes, affordable real estate, and an educated pool of potential workers.

  7. Oklahoma City: ranked 1 in 2017 because of its low cost of doing business, low energy costs, and reasonable local and state taxes. In addition, there is a business accelerator helping small businesses get funding to expand and grow. 

  8. San Francisco: epicenter of arts, culture, and lifestyle. Home of the Silicon Valley. 

  9. Big cities also include San Jose, Minneapolis, Columbus, Nashville, Seattle, Boston, Portland, Denver, and New York. 

This link gives the full list of the top 40 places to open your business, as well as the top 5 best and worst places for startups:

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