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Consequences of Opting out

If you don’t want to join your employer’s workplace pension scheme at this time, you can opt out. See How do I opt out of NEST 

Any money you have paid into the scheme will be repaid in full if you opt out within one month of being automatically enrolled

If you opt out later than the one month period for a refund, any contributions that you and your employer  have paid into your pension pot would normally remain invested until you can draw retirement benefits

Employers are required to automatically re-enrol eligible jobholders into the workplace pension scheme, normally every three years, but members can decide to opt out once enrolled

How long does opting out last for?
An opt-out from the pension scheme normally lasts for three years. If you've opted out, or stopped contributions to the scheme, your employer is required to automatically enrol you into the scheme at a later date (normally every three years), if you're an eligible jobholder at that time. If you’re still not ready to join the scheme or start paying contributions again, you can decide to opt out for a further three year period. You may also change your view and you can speak to your employer about opting in to the scheme at any time.

The reason that employers are required to automatically enrol eligible jobholders, who have opted out or stopped contributions, every three years is because your circumstances may have changed and saving into a workplace pension to build up retirement benefits may now be the right thing for you.

Can I rejoin the scheme if I have opted out?
Your employer is required to automatically enrol you into the scheme, normally every three years, provided that you are an eligible jobholder. You may also ask to rejoin the scheme at any time, but your employer only has to action a request to rejoin once every twelve months.

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