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Create an Expense Report

Expense Reports need to be submitted and approved by the 15th in order to be added to that months payroll. If expense reports are received after the 15th they will be added to the next months payroll.  

To create an expense report, click on Advanced at the top right side of the screen and select the user you want to create the Expense Report for.  Then click search.  All of the expenses you have added to Receiptbank that have not yet been processed will then appear.  

Once you finish checking all the receipts/invoices, select them and click on Add to expense report.


Select New Report. In the Report for section select the employee and in Report date select the day you are creating the Expense Report.  Add your user name, an expense report name and the date.  

Click on Download, Export to PDF and save it. 

To send the report for approver click on Tools then select send via email to send the report to the approver within your company (cc your finance analyst in so that they know to look out for this and ensure it is in the payroll).  

Please see attached for detailed screenshots of the process:


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