When managing with a Multi-user account, you’ll eventually need to add your employees or other businesses as users within the account.

To do so, please login to your Receipt Bank account, and then follow these instructions:

 1.Navigate to the ‘Account settings’ menu‘ and open the ‘Maintain users’ tab.

 2.Click ‘Add user’ button and fill in the necessary data. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’


3.An automated e-mail invitation will be sent to the user’s e-mail address.

  • To manage any user privileges and details or suspend one, click on the ‘Manage’ button on your right side.
  • To link a user to your accounting software click on ‘Link user’ on top of the user list.
  • If you are a multi businesses owner and want to manage all of them through the multi users account, create e-mail addresses for each of them. Before sending the e-mail invitations from Receipt Bank, make sure you write down the temporary password displayed on the screen, so you can login as any of the users after that.