Adding an employee to your account is an easy process that you can do, right now!

Here’s a simple to follow guide:

2.At the top right of your dashboard, go to ‘Account Settings’ menu.

3. On the left hand side of the screen click ‘Maintain Users’.

4. Click the blue button ‘Create a new user’.

5. Fill in all the details.

6. Make sure you define the new user as either a ‘Basic user’, ‘Admin user’ or ‘Expense approver’. As well as turning ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ the ‘Publishing rights’ and ability to ‘Create expense reports’.

7. Then click ‘Next’.

  • Should you want this user to have client access turn ‘Client access’ ON, and select the accounts that are relevant to this user. This will also grant the user access to all newly added clients in future.
  • If you leave ‘Client Access’ as OFF, this user will only have access to the client accounts switched on for them.
8.Finally hit ‘Save’ and your new user has been added to your account.


Being a Partner with Receipt Bank the number of users you have on your account is unlimited!