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Add a bank account or credit card account

  1. Go to Accounts, then click Bank Accounts.
  2. Click Add Bank Account.
  3. Start typing your bank's name, then select its name from the drop-down list. Make sure you select the correct name, region, and account type (if applicable).

    If the name of your bank doesn't appear in the list, click Add it anyway.

  4. Enter the name you want to use to identify this account in Xero.

  5. Select your account type:
    • If you've entered your bank name (no bank feeds are available), select either Credit Cardor Other (for all other account types).

    • If you've selected a bank with direct feeds available, choose your eligible account type. If your account type isn't shown, select Other.

  6. Enter your sort code and account number. Your sort code is the first 6 digits of your bank account number. Xero will automatically put hyphens after the 2nd and 4th numbers as you type the digits. If you are entering a credit card account, enter the last 4 digits.

  7. Select a currency (if required). You can't change the currency of an account once it is set up.
  8. (Only for banks with direct feeds) If you have multiple bank accounts to add, click + Add another [bank name] account.
  9. Click Save or Continue.

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