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Purchases Dashboard

The purchases dashboard shows a summary of the bills and purchase orders that need further processing. For example, it shows the bills you need to pay and the bills and purchase orders you need to approve. From here you can also create new bills and purchases orders, or you can search for and process existing ones.

Image showing purchases dashboard.

Add bills, purchase orders and credit notes

Import bills from another system

Import invoices, bills and credit notes into Xero

Search bills and purchase orders

Search by contact, reference or date.

Search invoices, bills, quotes, credit notes and purchase orders

Monitor upcoming bills using the bar graph

Use the graph for a quick view of bills you're planning to pay and bills that are falling due.

Hover over a bar or segment of a bar to display the amount.

Image showing bar graph.

Blue = any unpaid bills with:

  • a due date that day
  • a planned payment that day.

Green = any bills:

  • marked as paid that day in Xero
  • with a future-dated payment that day.

Click on a bar or segment to see the bills that make up that total.

Only bills that have been approved will display on the graph.

Check the status panels

Use the Bills status panels to monitor:

  • bills awaiting your approval
  • bills in draft that you need to submit for approval or approve
  • bills awaiting payment that you may need to record payments on
  • any overdue bills
  • Image showing the status panels in Bills.

Click on any status panel or link to drill down to see the bills that make up this total.

Use the Purchase Orders status panels to monitor:

  • draft purchase orders that you need to submit for approval or approve
  • purchase orders awaiting your approval
  • approved purchase orders you may want to copy to bills.

Image showing user clicking on Draft to view draft purchase orders.

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