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What is the payroll process?

Payroll is submitted between the 25th – last working day of each month (unless you have agreed a specific date with us), which includes submission of RTI (Real Time Information) to HMRC.

When we run payroll , we will issue you a payroll analysis report and your payslips.

  • You’ll be told exactly what to pay your employees.
  • You’ll be instructed what tax (PAYE) to pay HMRC.
  • We will ask for your approval before submitting all this to HMRC.

Once you are happy you must respond to us letting us know we can submit your payroll. We will then submit the reports to HMRC and then that’s it! 

Now you need to pay your employees and HMRC. You do this by bank transfer wired from your company bank account.

PAYE deadlines are the 19th of the following month eg. If we run your payroll in January, the deadline for paying HMRC is the 19th February, but we recommend you pay your PAYE on the date you pay your employees so you don’t forget.

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