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Hotels, bed & breakfasts & incidental overnight expenses

This category is for all kinds of accommodation: hotels, bed and breakfast, guest houses and rented accommodation.

There are no set allowances for accommodation but the cost must be deemed to be 'reasonable'.

For you to claim the cost of accommodation, it must be incurred whilst on a qualifying business journey. The rules about this are very strict.

Not only must there be a qualifying journey, but the overnight stay must be a reasonable necessity. As a guide, if you need to be at a worksite very early or very late and your residence is over 2 hours away, then an overnight stay may be warranted.

The cost of the room can be claimed so long as it is purely business related and for the Director’s use alone.

In addition to accommodation and food costs, you can also claim for incidental expenses incurred during your overnight stay. These might include laundry, cleaning or use of a trouser press. However, there is a maximum allowance of £5 per night in the UK, or £10 per night when abroad.

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